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Your company is unique. Your training needs are specific. So why settle for generic team building? Visit Paris for a memorable and effective team building treasure hunt.

Inspiring Talent

Challenges help you to create something extraordinary. The challenge of creating the right team requires more than just the talent you have recruited. They need to work together.

Motivation is the key to team building. The most talented minds are easily bored, so conventional team builds are a no-go.

Your team is three-dimensional. Traditional team building is not, therefore it will be less effective. You will also need more of it to see results.

A team building treasure hunt adds the missing dimensions lacking in traditional methods. It provides interest, challenge and a goal to drive your team towards excellence.

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Paris is the perfect location to inspire your team - world renowned cuisine, famous landmarks and Parisian chic. But there's a lot more to Paris. The Paris team building treasure hunt will take your team on a voyage of discovery in more ways than one.

All the major Parisian attractions like the Tour Eiffel, Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe can be included in this French treasure hunt. We set no fixed route, it is up to teams to decide where to go and what clues they will answer.

Your team building can begin in your hotel, conference venue or at any location of your choice.

Or if you prefer something a little more out-of-the-ordinary, we can take your team round lesser visited sights.

The choice is entirely yours.

This Paris team building treasure hunt can take anything from 2 hours to a day and takes in the sights and sounds of this remarkable city. It's a tried and tested formula with a full range of clues, photo challenges, amusing, cryptic and factual clues, a shopping list and a word quiz to keep the whole team entertained.

So let us help you to create a memorable team building event in Paris.



Paris Team Building Venues

Most of our clients like to visit several of the better known areas of Paris during their team building treasure hunt. If you prefer to stay in just one of the 'quarters' of Paris, we will be more than happy to arrange that for you.

Champs Elysées

The Champs Elysées runs from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre. This wide Paris boulevard is internationally famous and know in the sporting world as the finish of the Tour de France and the start of the Paris marathon. Your team doesn't need to race bikes or run a marathon to feel the benefits of team building in the Champs Elysées area - the Paris treasure hunt works better! If you choose to add this part of Paris to your treasure hunt, your team will find themselves exploring not only the Champs Elysées but also around the Louvre and the Tuileries, the Place de la Concorde, the Place de l'Etoile, the Arc de Triomphe and more.

Le Marais

Le Marais has many narrow and interesting streets with plenty of historic buildings that provide a great focus for any Paris treasure hunt. It is on the north bank of the Seine and the architecture includes the Pompidou Centre. Many of our clients combine this quarter with the Champs Elysées and La Cité.

Le Quartier Latin

The Latin Quarter is the student quarter and is criss-crossed by narrow pedestrians streets. The fine old buildings and streets offer up their hidden secrets to your team as they search for answers, shopping list items and of course carry out the photo challenges.

La Cité

This is an island in the river Seine. It is regarded as the historic heart of Paris and contains impressive monuments and administrative buildings with fascinating architecture. In other words, the perfect place for a team building treasure hunt. It also is home to to the cathedral of Notre Dame. Nearby, the island of Saint Louis is also an old and interesting quarter but is more residential and commercial.

Quartier des Invalides

This is one of the main areas that clients ask for as it includes the iconic Eiffel Tower - the essence of Paris. It is on the south bank of the Seine and offers a varied and interesting architecture. When combined with north bank sections, organisation is definitely challenged as it will need maximum teamwork to find the answers to as many of the clues as possible.

Treasure Hunts


Intelligent Team Building

A treasure hunt is fun, sociable and inclusive. The best type of atmosphere for effective team building.

It uses and develops key workplace skills:

  • communication
  • co-operation
  • creative thinking
  • negotiation
  • initiative
  • planning
  • time management
  • competition

These skills are addressed via the clues and tasks of the treasure hunt.

This type of team training is delivered outside of the normal business environment, providing the right atmosphere for constructive team building. There is always something for everyone to be doing.

Along with the element of competition to win the 'treasure', all participants are motivated and fully engaged. That is a huge advantage over conventional team building events.

Latest Feedback

It was great fun, learning about a city we all know and yet know so little about. It was the perfect teambuilding experience for the 90 colleagues who are normally located all over the world. We never knew the competitive streak of some of our sales colleagues! Thank you very much for a fun morning in Paris!

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I found our day in Paris a fantastic way to network and team build

KPMG Paris treasure hunt

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